4 Important Things to Consider Before you Buy a Computer

Christmas is very near and this only means one thing, it’s time to buy some presents. If you think that your 13th-month pay is best invested in a personal computer, I would certainly agree. These days, having a computer at home is a must especially if you have children who are already studying. So if you do not want to waste your hard earned money, read this article first to learn some of the things to consider before you buy computer.

1. Decide whether to buy a Laptop or Desktop

The easiest way to distinguish the two is that a desktop would be permanently placed at home while a laptop is portable which means that you can carry it wherever you go whenever you need it.

When you have students at home, especially when they are in high school or college, it is best to choose a laptop. They can bring it when needed in school. However, you most likely do not need a laptop when your students are just in elementary as you definitely would not want to let them bring your computer(for the obvious reasons).
The best thing about a desktop computer is it can easily be upgraded and easy to troubleshoot. Laptops are different and difficult to repair when hardware issues occur.
If you have a business you want to run at home using the internet, you might want to consider a desktop over a laptop.
The point is, think first about how you will be using the computer not only now but for about 2-4 years in the future to determine which best fits your needs.

2. Know the Importance of the Processor

The very first thing you want from your computer is speed. Who would want to have a brand new computer that is slow which can take up a lot of your time completing simple computer tasks?
Remember that the processor is the brain of the computer who the better the processor, the faster your computer becomes. A processors’ power is measured in GHz or Gigahertz. The higher the value, the faster, for example: 3.0 GHz is faster than 2.0 GHz. Additionally, you may want to check the number of cores. Example, a quad(4) core 3.0 GHz is faster than a single core 3.0GHz. The ideas is, the more core in the processor, the more brain is available to process various tasks making your computer faster.

3. Don’t Forget to Check the Random Access Memory

Another important part of a computer that affects its speed is the RAM. This is measured in GB or Gigabytes. The higher the value the better. If you are the type of person who opens a lot of programs or browser windows all at once, you might want to have a bigger RAM.
In checking the RAM look closely at the number at the end. If you see DDR2-800, it means that it is faster compared to one that reads DDR2-400. The last digits signify how many data the RAM can transfer in one second. The bigger value the better. Click here is you want more details about Hard Drive Capacity.

4. Hard Drive

This is where all your data are stored. Straight to the point, it would be best to go for a computer with a Hard Drive value of 750 GB and up. Going for lower values would mean that it might be an old Hard Drive. Most of the recent computers these days have 1TB in their Hard Drive.
The higher the value, the more files you can store on your computer.


Reliable Computer Services in Davao City


A computer has become a part of everyone’s life today that is why there is a constant demand for reliable computer services in all places including Davao.

A new business that offers computer repair service is KompTek Davao. If you look into their site, they are a group of computer technicians who decided to work as one and offer various computer services like computer reformat, computer assembly, virus removal, LCD replacement and more.

There are a lot of businesses today that offer the same service so choosing can become a challenge. Below are some tips on how you are going to find the right business to help you.

Online Presence of the Business

First of all, it is an excellent sign if the business has its own domain or website. Example is komptekdavao.com. The .com in the end of the url means that the site has paid for its domain and hosting. Since the owner of the business invested in this, it somehow means that they are serious with their business.

Since many don’t have their own website yet, having social media will do. It is very important that the business has its own Facebook page which good content. What i meant by good content is that the page has to have a regular content update which shows that they are constantly monitoring their page and they are aiming to help and share their knowledge to their followers.

NAP must be Visible

NAP means Name, Address and Phone. All these information should be available online – on their website and Facebook page. This is a good indication that a business is real.

Timely Communication

Another good indication that a computer repair service in Davao is dependable is when you try to give them a message. Determine how timely they are in reply to your queries. If they reply fast and handled your questions well, then you found the right business to trust.

Other Reliable Computer Service aside from the one mentioned above:

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  • Digital Interface – NCCC Mall
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